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With a high cement content and fibre reinforcement, we’re the paving professionals that can make our pavers affordable, thinner and lighter without compromising on strength or quality. We carry lots of stock in our most common sizes and colours. Order today, ships tomorrow.

Stone paving suppliers working with homeowners & professionals across NZ

Feinwerk supplies large pavers to NZ, working with homeowners and industry professionals who want to achieve a modern finish without the typically high costs or complicated processes.

Our concrete paving stones are a natural cement-based product, designed to add a unique finish to the home or garden. From patio paving stones to pathway paving stones and outdoor paving stones, count on the paving stone suppliers in NZ that put quality first at every step.

The NZ pavers making sustainability our mission

We have a responsibility as a manufacturer and paving stone supplier in NZ to care for the environment in whatever way we can. For us, that means constantly improving our sustainability as a company.

We’ve done away with polystyrene fillers and Cell-air packers, our pallets are made of untreated timber and you don’t need to send them back, and we stack them efficiently to save space and reduce carbon emissions caused by shipping items back and forth.

So whether you’re based in Christchurch, Auckland, or anywhere else in New Zealand, you know you’re working with paving professionals that always strive to do better.

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Thinner, lighter, stronger.

Feinwerk Pavers are made of stronger stuff. That means you can partner with stone paving suppliers that have considered what your project needs, and know how to deliver it. Expect large pavers that are safer to carry and easier to work with, and better for precision installation.

The results speak for themselves. Thanks to our unique automated manufacturing process, we achieve consistent pavers every time. Think clean, modern perfection to elevate your space – from pool to patio, and from pathway to just about any commercial premises.

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Discover paving made of the stronger stuff. Tell us about your large or small project for a no-obligation quote, or request a sample pack to get inspired by what’s possible.

Contact us online or reach out to or 0800 007 433. We’re usually able to ship pavers within 4-5 days to main centre depots for collection, and can arrange site delivery if necessary.

The Feinwerk story

Feinwerk Pavers are the NZ pavers bringing over 30 years of paving industry experience, along with modern technology to produce lighter and stronger pavers that are better to work with.

After international research into superior paving technology, we chose a high-strength fibre-reinforced concrete that could make 30mm pavers that are just as strong as 40mm pavers, but so much more manageable. We manufacture pavers using an automated European process for consistent quality and finish. Made here in Christchurch; delivered anywhere in New Zealand.

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Thinner, lighter, stronger

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21st Century paving technology

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Environmental sustainability

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We use automated manufacturing to produce a higher quality, lighter, stronger and more consistent paver every time. Order today, ships tomorrow.

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